Bearpit Brothers, Something Cruel EP

“The jangly late 50’s/early 60’s sound, that flits somewhere between Hank Marvin and Elvis Costello, remains at the core of the Brothers’ formula, but a lugubrious identity is the thread stitched through this well-crafted and sincere piece of work. “ Performer and poet, Stephen Watt

“…a top notch production and some spectacular guitar playing rises the EP well beyond mere nostalgia. ” Blubber ‘n’ Smoke

“I just love “Love Born in the City”! It reminds me of urban summers of wild joy.” OldiesMusicBlog

Bearpit Brothers have moved on a few years since their first EP – now we are in the early 1960s. Probably a tiny bit more pop than before but we still have the drama, the international men and women of mystery and the twang guitar.


Written, recorded, produced, played by Bearpit Brothers: Larry Alexander, Jim Byrne, Robert Ruthven

Mastered at Abbey Road by Sean Magee

Drums by Lejoe Young

Cover design by The Sticklebacks.

Something Cruel: 5 track EP by Bearpit Brothers
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