Bearpit Brothers

Bearpit Brothers, Something Cruel EP

“The jangly late 50’s/early 60’s sound, that flits somewhere between Hank Marvin and Elvis Costello, remains at the core of the Brothers’ formula, but a lugubrious identity is the thread stitched through this well-crafted and sincere piece of work. “ Performer and poet, Stephen Watt

“…a top notch production and some spectacular guitar playing rises the EP well beyond mere nostalgia. ” Blubber ‘n’ Smoke

“I just love “Love Born in the City”! It reminds me of urban summers of wild joy.” OldiesMusicBlog

Bearpit Brothers have moved on a few years since their first EP – now we are in the early 1960s. Probably a tiny bit more pop than before but we still have the drama, the international men and women of mystery and the twang guitar.


  • Say Goodbye
  • A Love Born In The City
  • Love And Hate
  • Something Cruel
  • Ruby Wine

Written, recorded, produced, played by Bearpit Brothers: Larry Alexander, Jim Byrne, Robert Ruthven

Mastered at Abbey Road by Sean Magee

Drums by Lejoe Young

Cover design by The Sticklebacks.

Video of The Burden of Your Cross

Video of The Burden of Your Cross produced by the Sticklebacks.

Hillhead GWE Records, The Picture House, 4/2 1 Ascot Gate, Glasgow, G12 0AP