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Bearpit Brothers Launched their second EP in the Glad Cafe

Bearpit Brothers

The Bearpit Brothers are: Larry Alexander, Jim Byrne, Angus Ruthven and Robert Ruthven. If you like 60’s inspired rock, Richard Hawley, Roy Orbison, The Beatles, The Mavericks, Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ country music, you’ll like Bearpit Brothers.

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Bad Bearpit Brother“Burden Of Your Cross swings as a gospel influenced lyric is garlanded with some exquisite guitar duelings with twang and reverb battling away, a wonderful song.” Blabber ‘n’ Smoke – A Glasgow view of Americana

“the cd is epic btw!” Corrina Cola

“So meet The Bearpit Brothers and their new 4-track EP – timeless and magic-full!” Oldies Music Blog

‘exquisitely-crafted debut EP. Four compelling and original songs, showcase understated vocal and shimmering instrumental skills, to break new ground — while neatly homaging past musical masters. – Colin MacDonald of Folkal Point, Folkal Point, Celtic Music Radio

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Thirty years in the making, Bearpit Brothers release first EP

The Creeping CharliesIt’s the 1980s’s and I catch a gig – somewhere in the bowels of Glasgow’s Barrowland Ballroom – by a band called ‘The Creeping Charlies’. I’m completely blown away by their dissonant, angular mix of Rock ‘n’ roll, Rockabilly, Early Beatles and vocals that remind me a wee bit of Roy Orbison. I’m thinking, those guys look and sound great – they are clearly destined for big things.

Fast forward some 30 years and I’m having a coffee with Robert Ruthven in Tinderbox on Glasgow’s Byres Road. Robert is the singer of The Creeping Charles and I’m asking him when the first album will be out.

In the intervening years the Creeping Charlies music got even better – even weirder; ‘The Charlies’ sound reared up like a thing living in a world entirely of its own invention. But along the way they encountered tragedy on both a personal and professional front; if you could stack bad luck they would have needed to hire storage facilities to house it. Master tapes of completed albums were lost in studio fires and crashed hard disks, and even more tragically one band member had mental health issues that led to him taking his own life.

Bearpit BrothersBand managers and producers came and went – promises grew hope, which then evaporated with the lost tapes.

Robert just smiles at my question; he’s heard it too often and knows that whatever answer he gives will stir something uncomfortable in his psyche. I’m still looking forward to the first album; these guys are no longer doing live gigs – but they still make music, are no less great and deserve to be heard.

So we hatch a plan…

Bearpit BrothersThat plan is coming to fruition on 23rd November 2013 with an EP featuring myself, Robert Ruthven and Larry Alexander – the two remaining active members of the Creeping Charlies. Together we call ourselves the Bearpit Brothers. The music is a mix of the strong musical flavours that both Robert and Larry bring to everything they do and my own country, rock and roots influences. Though it clearly draws influenced from the 1950′s and early 1960′s (think Richard Hawley, Roy Orbison, The Beatles, The Mavericks, pre Rock ‘n’ Roll country music) it’s new music – not pastiche.

Thirty years is a long time to wait for your first official release. This will be a special night.

Jim Byrne

Order your copy right now! And get free goodies.


Order your copy right now! And get free goodies.

Bearpit Brothers

Hillhead GWE Records, The Picture House, 4/2 1 Ascot Gate, Glasgow, G12 0AP